It’s Friday even for the Under employed!

Its Friday even for the under-employed like me: Aristocrats and Derelict Moms. I wish I was one but am currently taking ownership of the other. Happy Friday. If you haven’t revisited gin lately I suggest it. I haven’t touched the stuff since I was in college but my palate has become “refined” with age, and wine is too expensive. My lovely husband who still makes me a drink when I consistently forget to make him tea, fixed me a gin and soda the other weekend and a new devotee was born. Then someone broke out this bottle in our writers group 🙂 I have to say it reminded me of the days in New Orleans and that special distillery: K&B although vodka was their tipple. I just noticed my iphone is K&B purple- how cool am I. Wondering how many people remember the K&B? It was a pharmacy in New Orleans that was sadly bought out by Rite Aid circa 1997 and one more wonderful thing about New Orleans became history. I remember rushing to the K&B and buying memorabilia: vodka and purple flip flops. I think I still have the flip flops somewhere.

Tonight I am celebrating dereliction, underemployment and the old brands with an Aristocrat gin and soda. Chris tells me it’s actually called a tom collins if you add lemon juice and a bit of sugar or a gin rickey with lime. Gin n Juice, derelict mom style. Enjoy the weekend.


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