About the Book

Derelict Mom: I’m Not Your Super Mother, A Diary of Love

To hold myself to my writing targets I have decided to blog two books simultaneously. I will post biweekly: Week One: a post from my current Derelict Mom Diary: The Terrible 2s, and Week Two: a post from my book in progress: Derelict Mom: I’m Not Your Super Mother, A Diary of Love which is about my first pregnancy, the birth of my daughter and her fist year. Here is a synopsis.

In an attempt to have it all, an extremely average woman takes on the impossible: working and having a baby at the same time, and she falls flat on her face, trailing a breast pump, two vicious miniature dachshunds and the snickering audience of an extended family in what amounts to a hilarious, honest, and touching account of the colossal belly flop, which was the first year of her daughter’s life and how little by little she put her life back together after baby by developing the mantra: I’m Not Your Super Mother!

I like to think of it as Erma Bombeck meets David Sedaris with a touch of Gerald Durrell’s, My Family and Other Animals.



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