More Family Videos from 1985

I have had a pretty crazy week. Two weeks ago nothing. Now madness. Spent four hours this morning planning to change the world with my newest sisters. BTW ladies its National Siblings day, thanks for adopting me. Changing the world takes a lot of work therefore I only left my self the last 45 minutes of the work week to write my blog. EEK. I promise a longer blog next week, this week it’s the Reader’s Digest version.

As I have said before I have been investigating my mother’s father’s family: The Youngbloods. I have come to the conclusion that my grandfather and a couple other siblings got all the brains and I might still be being modest. It turns out my relatives might not be the only ones a few hotdogs short of a picnic. Earlier this week I decided to chase up a death certificate I had ordered for my grandfather so I called up the central records office of the State of Virginia.

“Hello, I ordered a death certificate and it has not arrived yet.”

“What kind of record were you looking for?”

“A death certificate.”

“What is your name?”

“Lucinda Spurling, I ordered it about four weeks ago.”

I could hear her typing my name into the system.

“I don’t see anything coming up, is the death certificate for you, in your given name?”

“No I am looking for a death certificate. I am not calling from the afterlife. The certificate is for my grandfather, he died in 2005. I am still here.”

“Oh, of course. What was his name?”

I myself suffer from brain fog on occasion. I am not sure what to call the above, brain fog, confusion, or just mediocrity or being bored with the job of telephone attendant. I know I would be bored. It was funny for a moment.

So today I decided to share a few more “funny for a moment” clips from my 1985 family video from the deep south. I was thinking about writing a description for each of these videos but I don’t think there are any words for them you just have to watch. I find it endlessly entertaining. I will probably be playing these clips in 2025. I do find it funny that a paper mache skull won the science fair. Maybe that’s where my interest in the macabe comes from. Enjoy, each of them are less than a minute long. Until next week.

Xx Derelict Mom



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