#Doing It All Maria Shriver report

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Go Maria Shriver! #DoingItAll The role of the contemporary mother. It is not easy. Most women nowadays are working mothers, and that by definition is imperfection. I do not think you can do both at the same time well. I have one daughter and I work from home and I find it difficult, and it is the expectations of society that make it worse, and from that place this blog, derelict mom.com was born. I salute all the derelict working mothers of the world. When my daughter Eva was born, I only had two weeks off and that was because she happened to be born right before Christmas, after that until I put her in daycare at four months I worked with her. Breastfeeding never worked for me so I pumped while driving in the car from film shoot to shoot, or while doing chores in the house wearing the backpack pump and my little Eva even had her first acting role at six weeks. I was miserable it was really hard and I am not living on the poverty line. If anyone is reading this check out my 2010 documentary Poverty in Paradise made with the Coalition for the Protection of Children, about the plight of mothers living in poverty in Bermuda, a trailer is on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH34cl_7NFA

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